With the start of winter, spring can’t be too far behind

Bee balm and phlox nodding in the wind

On this, the shortest day of the year, I thought I would show a sunnier photo.

Blogger Beta has been bonky; to all who’ve tried to post, I apologize. I ended up turning off all flaming hoops for you to post. So unless I get a scourge of unsolicited, stupid posts, this’ll stand until Blogger resolves their issues.

4 responses to “With the start of winter, spring can’t be too far behind

  1. I’m so excited today. More daylight each and every day! I love your summer photo. I’m thinking of planting kale this year, but am unsure of what you do with it. What ways do you recommend preparing it?

  2. I think it might be an acquired taste (or at least my husband thinks so). But the Red Russian kale can be used, when it’s small, in salads, and when it gets big and woody, you peel the leaves away from the stem, chop them up, and either saute them with garlic, olive oil and red pepper flakes, or you can braise them (like collards, mustard greens and other tough greens) in a bit of water (and garlic and olive oil and salt) until they’re really tender, and dunk you biscuits in the “pot likker”. Purists out there put a ham hock in their braised greens, or at least some bacon.

    I usually make up a pot of lentils every week. I sometimes throw some chopped lacinato kale in near the end of their cooking time. Then I spoon out the lentils either with dinner, or atop a salad with some blue cheese, or I make things with them later in the week, like throwing some cooked rice with them, or making rice/lentil croquettes (pat them into small patties and fry with olive oil/butter and yes garlic). But then again, I love lentils. And luckily so do my family, or else it’d be pretty boring fare…

  3. Lovely flowers to remind us all that spring will be here before we know it. We’ll all wonder where the winter went!

  4. I’m wondering NOW, Carol! We had a thunderstorm last night!

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