2006 Garden Review

Parsley, taking an end of season bow
The garden recap, 2006

We had a garage sale when we lived in Minneapolis the spring before we moved. I brought out boxes of books, categorized by subject, alphabetized by author, all boxes labeled. Nutty, I know, but it was something I had to do. Now, this was Minneapolis, which has a fairly well-educated citizenry: one patron looked at the books, looked between Tom and me, and said, “Which one of you is INTJ?”

(Now, it will be a cold dark day if some random Michigander garage-sale shopper even KNOWS Myers-Briggs categories, much less can look at one’s spread of books and can type the book sorter. It will also be a cold dark day before I ever have another garage sale.)

With this in mind, I hereby give a wrapup of my 2006 vegetable season. Here are the five “truths” of the season:
1. Mulch. Mulch with anything on hand, but mulch. Copiously. Repeatedly.
2. Nobody Grows Alone. No single grouping of plants for the bugs seek/destroy.
3. Squash bugs are Enemy #1.
4. Succession planting = Successful planting. In some instances, I planted things eight different times.
5. Giant of Italy parsley was the surprise winner of the season.

Over the next few whatever–weeks, days–I will go over each pretty little thing that got planted out this year. Maybe it will help you suss out what you may want to plant next season; maybe it won’t be completely juicy blog material, but hey: this IS a gardening blog, after all.

As it is, I need to review my notes and seed packages. They’re all organized, you know, by plant family, growth type, and general requirements. Of course. It was something I had to do.

2 responses to “2006 Garden Review

  1. I have to laugh, I am an INTJ as well. My bookshelves at home are sorted by genre/subgect then alphabetized by author’s last name within each category. My mother thinks I have gone insane. I just like to know where my books are.

  2. I am in ISTJ. I am pretty darn good at doing the same thing every year at the same time.

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