On tidiness

My secret shame

So I mentioned a few posts back that I was thinking about a recap of last season’s veg garden. I admitted I’d even drawn the garden’s plan on AutoCAD, but I said the rest of my life is not so tidy. Well, here’s my dirty secret: this is the potting shed. And it is in here, somewhere, that I have the garden’s plan.

I realize I am incredibly fortunate to even have a garden shed, especially when reading other gardeners’ blogs. What this picture isn’t showing you is the shed is a lot larger than it appears: I’ve only captured about a third of the thing in the snapshot. And it’s a mess, which you can plainly see.

Granted, I am not solely responsible for its messy state. I share the blame with my husband, who, usually in a fit of pique, is prone to throw things in there. He has his own shed for his tractor and the like and I confess it’s as neat as a pin.

So if I look back and say WHY is this the state of things, especially because it wasn’t nearly such a travesty last year, I realize this: I completely prioritize the little time I do have to garden by spending it ONLY in the garden. I figure shed-neatening is a non-gardening activity better taken on in the winter. Like now. Maybe even today.

3 responses to “On tidiness

  1. LOL—your garden shed looks like mine!! Now I don’t feel so bad 🙂

  2. you need shelves!

  3. I need shelves, big time. I have a potting bench, though. It’s on the floor. (Good place for it, right?) One of my projects this summer was to pour a concrete floor in here…I removed the old one, by hand. So I thought I would make it easy on myself by NOT rehanging the bench, the shelves, etc. when I poured the slab. Yeah. I got around to that as you can tell from the lovely hay flooring.

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