Why is this such a letdown?

After giving them all this credit, I renege on the accuracy of our local weather people’s reports. Yes, I should mention they had downgraded their snowfall predictions from 12″ to 8″. But we saw 3″, maybe.

Granted, lake-effect snow is notoriously hard to predict. I will say this: it usually hits inland, off the lake’s shore, by a couple of miles…and escalates from there. We’re about a mile from the lake, so, by my estimation, we should’ve been somewhat spared. But so was everyone else.

It’s supposed to be in the upper 30s this weekend, though; those chickens will soon see their grass and beloved dusting dirtpatch before too long.

3 responses to “Why is this such a letdown?

  1. Your snow must have ended up here. We were caught completely by surprise this morning with 3″ and it’s still blowing. The forecast? No mention of snow at all. Go figure.

  2. Don’t you hate that. They scare you to death forcasting a gigantic snow storm and then it starts to kind of feel good. And you prepare for the worst. Milk, bread, extra fireweood. No school! No work!! Snowed in!!! And nothing happens.

  3. Being a snow lover, I feel somewhat let down by receiving such little snow so far this year. My mom has way more snow down in Illinois. Oh well there is still 5 months of winter left.

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