Anticipation of precipitation

It’s coming…

So yesterday I ran around like a headless chicken, battening down the hatches in preparation for all this snow. Today was a snow day from school. And we’re all inside all toasty-warm, waiting for it to hit.

That wind is sure whipping around out there. And the snow is coming down, but you always wonder if it is REALLY going to be as bad as they say.

I let the chickens out. They did a once-over of their pen and then ran into their condo. We situated the condo in such a way that we can see the door from inside the house. They all sit in the doorway, fluffed up, looking outside. They’re so hopeful.

One response to “Anticipation of precipitation

  1. We haven’t had snow yet, and while I anticipate the first snow as sort of a novelty, that’s really all I need. Once. But I know that’s not going to happen. Hope you get just enough to build a snow man, but still easy to shovel.

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