On exercise, and the weather

No photo today: Blogger is being mean

Seems to me that when we lived in Minnesota, the weather people on tv were there to pose possibilities in front of their audience. “It might snow,” they’d say. Could be that I had a city person’s sensibilities, and thus I didn’t really care how accurate the weather report was…it wouldn’t really affect me, other than I’d need to shovel my sidewalk if their possibilities came true.

But now I am here and the weather people are dead-on. They say snow? We’ll get it. They say 6″? We’ll get between 5-7″. They say the dreaded “lake effect”, as they did last night, and give a graphic showing our place getting 12″ tomorrow? Well, boy, aren’t I glad Tom had the foresight to put the plow on the tractor when it was still warm outside.

So I headed to school today with a digging shovel. (There are immense differences in shovels, as you probably know: a poop-scooping shovel won’t do diddly if you need to break frozen ground to bury the cable to the new de-icer I bought for the sheep’s water trough.) It got above freezing today for the first time in a while, so I thought I should probably do my yard poop and shed muck-out duties before the snow starts falling. And I am out there, raking poop in the slush, just having the time of my life. I really enjoy the sheer physicality of sheep duty, and gardening. It’s not like I am running a marathon or bench-pressing twice my weight: no. It’s not nearly that straining. It’s just a bit of an elevation in heart rate and a bit more huffing and puffing on my part. It’s just great.

But I still needed my second cup of coffee when I got home.

One response to “On exercise, and the weather

  1. See what’s on its way next? When I saw the weatherman point to your neck of the woods & all the white stuff on the radar–well, it just made me cringe! It’s going to get really cold here, but we’ve managed to escape the fluffy stuff. I guess these are the days to bake & clean out drawers…

    Stay warm!

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