New digs

White-knuckled trip to school today through the ice: One tree, three large branches across our country road, 8 cars in the ditch on the interstate. Dumb sheep were just hanging out, all icy, in their yard. (Get inside!)

On Thanksgiving, Tom and my father-in-law jerryrigged a chicken run. I had kept the chickens indoors on Wednesday, only letting the remaining 3 out with me in the garden when I harvested potatoes for the next day’s big meal. Let’s just say the new pen doesn’t meet my exacting construction standards, but it will suffice, certainly, to keep the birds safe. The overall pic is taken from Tom’s office upstairs. We’ve enclosed their two favorite spots: the lilac bush to the left and their dusting area in the garden against the garage. Their coop is the new-looking wood structure to the right. You can barely see the garden at the back on the right.

I can’t say they’re completely happy about the new arrangement.

Last night, in the rain, Tom moved the chicken condo into their pen (you can kind of see it at the back on the left). I knew the weather would be awful today, so we needed to get those girls a nice dry place to be other than their coop.

3 responses to “New digs

  1. Oh, chickens! We’ll have chickens next year, cross my legs and hope to fly!

    Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!

  2. That is a LOT of snow. We just had rain yesterday, then strong winds all day today.

  3. How are the chickens handling the cold weather

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