Seed catalogs

Collards in the morning

Has anyone else noticed how early the seed catalogs are rolling into our mailboxes this year? I’d always considered these things to be a post-Christmas scourge, but I believe I got my first catalog around Halloween. So their arrival, like Christmas music in stores in September, has me kind of anxious, like: Hey. Time is slipping by. What the HELL am I going to plant next year?

Now, marketing-wise, there’s nothing smarter than getting to those gardeners when their minds are still fresh with the garden’s last production. But really. What about crop failures and the like? These catalogs went to print and ship before the last of the seeds were harvested. Maybe I’m just too detail-oriented, but it seems like a bad plan on their part.

That, and I don’t like being rushed.

3 responses to “Seed catalogs

  1. I’ve gotten about 5 so far. I’m making a pile and will start to peruse in earnest the first week of January. It does seem really early. Unless you want to give someone seeds for Christmas!

  2. Because I don’t like tons paper catalogs, I peruse on line until I find ones I really want. Usually based on selection, % of germination and geographic location. But, oh, do I savor those I get in the mail.

  3. Bellen, you’ve brought up an important point: how DO these catalogs find us? I really cannot figure that one out. If I wanted catalogs, I went on line and put them in my daughter’s name. So I figure the ones that are coming to me (er, in my name, that is) are coming because I, once, in a fit of foolishness, purchased something from White Flow*r Farm.

    I hate the tons of paper that’s wasted on the tons of catalogs that come in the mail to us. Mostly, this stuff gets shredded and put in the worm bin. (I’ll have to blog one day about vermicomposting: it’s pretty slick stuff.)

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