The warm weather continues

Bees in the broccoli

I have been reluctant to uproot the broccoli because of the continued bee visits to the blooms. I can still nab a sprout or two for myself, and boy are they sweet after all these frosts. But bees! This corner of the garden is quite noisy with them.

Last night we noticed that the front porch light was positively swarmed by insects.

This weather should continue until Thursday or so. It sure is nice to wake up to 55 degree temperatures, and not having to bundle up the kid to go to school. This will end soon, certainly. Won’t it?

I read this article yesterday morning and thus spent my lunch hour forking up a few beds to aid in frost curing. It does help to turn under all that leaf and grass mulch at this time of year to the top 6″ or so; it’s too wet to do it in spring, and the ground (should be) too hard to do it in winter.

One response to “The warm weather continues

  1. That was in interesting article. Thanks for the link.

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