Timely food in the NYTimes

I am not alone on my soapbox, it appears. This article is in the Business (!!) section of The New York Times this morning.

Now, I take most articles, especially food-related ones, with a grain of salt when they come from this paper because it has, well, an urban, Eastern (and when it comes to food-production, Californian) slant. But there’s something there. The spinach fiasco earlier this fall has really alarmed some folks, and rightly so. If you can source your spinach from a guy down the street or a girl two towns over, you should do so.

I will say that homegrown, like that broccoli above, is infinitely better. The cool weather has made it so sweet! We paired it last night with some potato/kale soup and this fabulous (also NYTimes) bread recipe…I changed the flour mix to 1.5c unbleached white/1c spelt/.5c whole wheat. Crackly crust that shatters, incredible soft “tooth” for better butter holding…bon appetit, everyone.

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