Signs like these

Pond, asleep

Last night we had a howler of a storm. It swept away the last of the warm weather, certainly; my hand is still trying to thaw after taking some pictures. The resurgence of 60-degree days brought the frogs back out on the pond. We could also hear treefrogs again. Such hopeful things! So I trotted out to the pond to see if I could see anyone scurrying/hopping away, and no, it was quiet but for the fish.

I also got my first seed catalog yesterday. That certainly seems a tad early, but perhaps it’s decent marketing as the last season is still fresh in our minds. This catalog is geared toward “roadside, U-pick and bedding” folks (Twilley). It’s fairly pedestrian in terms of choices, in other words. I mean, burpless cucumbers? Wha? So even if it isn’t something I would order from, it is fun to start thinking…

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