Indian summer

Gaillardia, still hanging on

We seem to be having the weather in November that we should have had in October. It should be 65* today and it’ll remain warm through the weekend. An all-around pleasant thought, and coupled with the election results of yesterday, I am pleased, and hopeful, for the first time in a very long while.

How many of you garden for the pure therapy of it? I swear to you, I have often “retreated” to the yard with tools in hand because it consistently gives me a feeling of accomplishment. As in, “Crap, the economy is a mess and the deficit has quadrupled in the last 4 years and we are enmired in our own Vietnamese war in Iraq and we have draft-dodging idiots running our country, but wow, doesn’t that row of chard look terrific?”

6 responses to “Indian summer

  1. YES. Absolutely theraputic.

  2. Totally true. I can’t control much, but my flowers are pretty. And it just takes your mind off things.

  3. I garden so I WON’T need therapy. I solve a lot of life’s problems while gardening.

  4. El – How is it that here in the UK the only Americans I meet or e-mail with are Democrats – I have never come across a Republican. Maybe they don’t travel or write? One of the reasons I look at blogs is to protect myself from the knee-jerk anti-Americanism that many people express in Europe.
    Congratulations on the election result – I don’t fully understand the US political system but it can only be to the good.
    Gardening and being outside with birds and bugs is the best switch off time.

  5. Absolutely, yes! Though, all of a sudden, I feel a little less powerless….

    Wonder why that is 🙂

  6. Jane, I was in Paris once and I was wondering why the attitude I got from some of my friend’s friends was so hostile to me (this was on the eve of the first Gulf war)…they assumed I was a Republican, or at least supported George 1st! Oh so wrong, I told them: I had immense respect for him, and for the office, but I absolutely disagreed that we needed to get into THAT war.

    I am not sure why the bloggers and travelers you’ve met are mostly Democratic. I kind of doubt it is an absolute; it may simply be we feel a bit more empowered to speak by the results of this election.

    But I am so glad to hear that you all are “therapeutic gardeners,” too. My mood gets such a boost after I come in from the yard after doing the littlest trifle out there. And of course if I don’t get my gardening time, watch out!

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