My knuckles are raw…

…and it is not because I started in on some fight club. Nope. They’re raw from planting some 300 of the 400 bulbs we got. Even with gloves, it’s chap-o-rama here.

I also dug up the last of the dahlias. Like planting bulbs in this clay soil, digging something up is tough. Tougher, actually. It was like I was on an archaeological dig, the care which I was taking to delicately lift the fingered bulb from its muddy hole. It’d have been worth it if they put out half the show they did this year.

Ah. The payoff better be beautiful next spring, is all I can say.

(I’ll post a photo later today.)

3 responses to “My knuckles are raw…

  1. “fight club” ha ha ha, that’s a good one.
    I just found your blog and will look around now. It’s fun to come across a new Gardening Blog!

  2. 400 bulbs! you are my hero! the voles don’t eat them all? all my alliums and camus disappeated over thewinter and I suspect the voles were to blame. although they did not bother any daffodils.

  3. I wish I knew if we’ll have problems with voles and the like. As it is, the ground was so tough to dig up, I would imagine only the very determined critter will be feasting on our bulbs. We shall see. (I am just glad to be finished.)

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