Our newest farm resident

This is our new kitten. She doesn’t have a name yet. (That’s Penny behind her.)

It is quite strange, the way some things coincide. Tom only got 3 eggs yesterday from the coop, and when he went to put the chickens to bed, only four were there. I searched the grounds and found what was left of Margie this morning. Something attacked them in the wooded section of our property. All the chickens are now huddling on the back porch, too scared to move.

I realize that if our chickens are free-range, we are bound to encounter a loss somewhere down the line; the odds in life are not stacked in the chickens’ favor. But I am so sad nonetheless. I really liked Margie; she was the friendliest of the bunch. Ah well. At least our daughter has a new pet to distract her.

4 responses to “Our newest farm resident

  1. Oh. I’m so sorry.

    You know, I was wondering about losses when you mentioned they free ranged over your land and your neighbors. A friend’s experience has taught me that everything likes to eat duck, which is why I keep them close to home.

    Isn’t it surprising how attached we can get to our poultry?

  2. Penny is a saint, my Australian Cattle dog wouldn’t stand for that. Cats are off limit in our house.

  3. I see a Kayla when I look at your kittie. Normally I don’t suggest names like this, but it was a strong impulse, so I gave in. Kayla?

  4. Well, my pets usually have names that are Greek (mythology, history or drama)…currently we’ve got Penelope and Echo, but in the past I’ve had Alexander, Lysistrata and Athena. I like Nyx or Sappho. We’ll see, because Tom has other ideas, and then there’s the kid, who might just keep calling her Kitty.

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