Two years ago today the moving van showed up at our Minneapolis house and packed up all our stuff. Amazingly, they were on the road at noon. We moved into the Michigan house 4 days later…we had some work done on it in the interim.

Work, work, work. I think I need to wrangle another half day off of work so I can plant some of the hundreds of bulbs Tom bought last month. To save some precious weekend time, I took my lunch hour outside in the garden yesterday, firing up the chipper…I got through about 8 bags of leaves before it got jammed. But I spread the new chipped stuff over two more beds; just have another 11 to go.

One response to “Anniversaries

  1. Happy farm anniversary!

    I am so glad I didn’t buy any bulbs this year. And that I got my garlic in last week. We’ve been getting a bit of your rain, rain, rain. Ugh.

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