LIttle bites

Popcorn drying on the cob (or at least that is the intent) and blowing over the garden chair

All this rain, and then the snow: will the garden ever dry out? I usually let some beans and the popcorn dry on the vine or in their husks…yes, I guess I could leave them there all winter and hope the cold winds dessicate them enough for safe storage…but…

I am hoping to clean up the rest of the gardens this weekend. This means picking and drying elsewhere all the cranberry and speckled beans, as well as the three different types of cowpeas. At this point, I have about 16 bags of leaves to shred. I have spread around the 20 other bags on only 5 beds, so, as you can see, I still have a lot to do to cover the other 13 raised vegetable beds. The other gardens? I am hoping Tom can mow one last time, sucking up and mulching all those leaves with it; I will spread these around to all the flower/herb beds.

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