More fall blooms

Marigolds in the veg garden

If it weren’t for some annuals and a few dahlias, the perennial gardens would be bloomless right now. And considering the snow which batted our heads when we loaded up the car this morning, I am wondering how long their tenure will be. The veg garden has a few blooms yet, and it is here one can still hear the buzz of bees, trying hard to wrest a bit of nourishment from a drowsy landscape. Ah me. If it weren’t for the wonderful quality of light in October and November, that slanted light highlighting browns of all shades, I would really be a sad gardener.

2 responses to “More fall blooms

  1. We haven’t had any snow here yet, but I’ve already shelved my gardening ambitions for next year.

    All we have left for flowers are calendula and purple asters. Maybe a stray bit of salvia, too. And lots and lots of weeds.

  2. Liz, I’d prefer the slow spindown to winter that you’re experiencing than this appetizer of snow, rain, snow. I can’t even dry out all those beans! And don’t get me started about the popcorn. Will it ever dry out? I have no idea.

    Good news, I suppose, is it is predicted to be a much milder winter than usual. But why so early, I ask.

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