Little deaths

Today, I cleaned out the eggs at school. There’s no school today due to teacher conferences, so it was a good day for it, i.e., I didn’t have much explaining to do.

Trapper Tom has been on a rampage. The mouse body count has been 9 in 3 days. Seems that when you get yardbirds, you also get yard vermin. Plus, it is fall, and those little creatures are looking for a warm well-stocked place to shack up.

2 responses to “Little deaths

  1. I hear the mice in the walls almost every evening now, and we can’t figure how in the world they’re getting in. So frustrating!

  2. That is a tastefully done photo, I must say, of death of a mouse. I had mice in my garage a few years back. They nearly drove me crazy trying to trap them and get rid of them, but I finally prevailed!

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