Don’t count your chickens…

…before they’re hatched. Especially if they don’t hatch.

I am on the trail now for either chicks or young chickens. Seems our eggs didn’t hatch at school. I am so very sad.

(The photo, incidentally, is a baby Maude with our own baby this last April).

4 responses to “Don’t count your chickens…

  1. Oh no. Too sad.

    When I was at the preschool, we did the egg thing, and of about a dozen, we only had one hatchling.

    Getting chicks sounds like a good plan. (btw, I’m glad the sheep duties are working out for you)

  2. Only one of 12 of my eggs hatched this year – were there infertile eggs or dead chicks? Horrible job finding out.

  3. Ms. Booty Homemaker

    So sad about the chicks.

    We had hatchlings at our elementary school; our parents were perhaps the only ones who said we could bring chicks home. So year after year, we did. Chickens in suburbia. They never lasted too long, sadly. It began my love of chickens, though, and I long for the day when I’ve got my own brood of laying hens….

    Oh, the sheep are sweet!

  4. Thank you all for your kind comments.

    I was told by all the teachers and staff that this is a learning experience for the kiddos, and to not take it so personally. But I DO take it personally (damned roosters!) as I had as much hope as they that we’d have a few cute chicks.

    I do have a line on some laying hens, though. Maybe four is all we need.

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