Work ahead

Yesterday’s haul

Despite my best efforts at being a determined ant, the end of the planting season approaches and I wonder what I was doing on all those grasshopper days. So much to do! Then I (re)remember that I go through this flurry of activity in the spring, too. Such is the cycle of cramming things in. It happens when you go on vacation from work, too: you just fill those days up pre- and post-vacation. Not that I am saying winter is a vacation from gardening, though I suppose it is a vacation from all the toil. I certainly do enough work around the yards after the frost hits. Once the snow blankets the ground, though, I am back to paper gardening…between the covers of books, seed catalogs, and notebooks. Less satisfying, but I sure get more accomplished.

One response to “Work ahead

  1. El – I am just about to go on holiday, for a week, and I know just what you mean. I have been manically trying to harvest, plant, water, mouseproof the seeds – far far more work than was ever going to be possible with the nights drawing in and the need to spend at least mealtimes with the children. Once the train pulls out from Glasgow Queen Street I shall begin to relax.
    Here the frosts are never that long so toiling is possible year round. I am very grateful for the 4pm sunsets in January – and grateful for the whiskey, wine, fire and good books.

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