Time to divide the perennials

What a mess

Today the kid and I are going down to my mom’s house to mess with her gardens. Two Julys ago, I brought my tiller and tools down and put in a 50’x18′ bed in her back yard. I put in about 50 different types of perennials, and a few bushes. It was the hottest week of that summer.

My mom lives in the dunes of Lake Michigan. So, her yard is sand sand sand. I handled this by driving to the nearby riding stables and loading up on poop, and also by mulching the heck out of things with leaf mold. Things are doing very well in the garden. This summer, she called me nearly daily to tell me what new thing was blooming. It was very exciting to her as a newly converted perennial gardener.

Time has come, though, to move some of the beds’ contents around. My price, of course, is a few bucketfuls of new divisions. Considering my veg garden is still boggy, maybe I can now turn my attention to the neglected flower beds, and do some dividing of my own. But I am so v e r y behind right now with my fall plans…

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