We (heart) our birds

Landscape with chickens

I had been warned by friends before we became parents that “you will not be able to imagine what life was like before.” Hmmf. I DO. I slept more, certainly; most of my disposable income went toward ME and my shoe closet, and life was in general a bit simpler. Simpler is not better, however.

But I do not know what we did before we got these chickens. They are so damned amusing, among other things. They in general have more good habits than bad. (Pooping on the back deck and moving every inch of mulch on every inch of garden bed qualify as the latter, but even these things are surmountable.) They are so good natured. They are always delighted to see you. Their noises, even their egg-passing whoops, are endearing.

And what have they done for the farm? Well, you get so used to seeing them out of the corner of your eye. You will just look out any window and there they will be, chasing their crickets. It’s so calming. So…pastoral.

2 responses to “We (heart) our birds

  1. That’s *exactly* how I feel about my ducks. 🙂 I owe you an email, I think. Congrats on the sheep job!

  2. I used to raise chickens in my back yard and I hear you! I can’t tell you how charmed I was every time I opened the back door to see the entire flock rush up to me as if I were some famous actress. (OK, I know they were actually looking to see if I had a little treat from my kitchen scraps for them, but it made me feel like royalty.) They all had different personalities that I came to know over time. Some sweeter than others, but a great bunch. I miss them.

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