Thinking ahead

Yesterday was a great day for the gardens as far as our checkbooks were concerned. I received the load of wood I needed to complete the raised beds at both the greenhouse and the new beds in the garden proper, and Tom went to Holland. Holland, Michigan, that is.

Tom and his mom went shopping. She lives in a town about 15 minutes north of us, and about a half hour further up the lake from her town is Holland. Yes, THAT Holland, of the Tulip Festival, and the place where everyone’s last name starts with DeXxxx or VanDerYyy. So they bought some bulbs from here. I gave him a general idea, but not a budget; he came home with well over 200 bulbs. We’ll be busy planting soon, it seems.

2 responses to “Thinking ahead

  1. Love that tulip you are showcasing. Is that one of the species tulips?

  2. Yes indeed Jenn, it is tulipa Batalimii, and the ONLY species tulip Tom managed to buy, even though I had SPECIES on the top of my list. (They tend to naturalize, and naturalization = good, in my book.)

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