Chopping therapy

Fallen sunflowers

Sunday was a day spent in the garden, though I wouldn’t call what I was doing “gardening.” I spent some time cleaning up, moving compost heaps around, and building new beds…all necessary pre-winter tasks.

One thing I did was put an end to some of the recumbent sunflowers knocked over by the rainstorms a few weeks back. I truly worship my compost piles, and will do all I can to aid in their quick maturation and general happiness, so that means I tend to put only small things into the compost heaps. Fallen sunflower stalks are big things. SO I got out my machete and a 2x10x30″ “cutting board.”

As a vegetarian, I am required to do a lot of chopping, and it is something I love. I consider the 20″ machete an extension of my kitchen love. So I put on my safety goggles and chopped those thick stalks into small pieces. And yes, Virginia, it is immensely therapeutic.

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