So we trotted over to the farmer’s market a couple of towns away again yesterday. I picked items that I seem to always run out of (carrots, onions) and some more things I can’t seem to grow well (melons). But, in general, this is a VERY MODEST farmer’s market. The banjo/washtub/fife band attested to this modesty.

Then I got to thinking aloud on the ride home: Hey, maybe WE can have a space at that farmer’s market. Just think of all that lettuce we grew that went to waste this year, and the vast quantities of tomatoes we have. All this bounty even when I consciously planted only “enough” for our general consumption. Tom said it was a good idea, and that he could sell birdhouses and other lovingy crafted items. He said its proceeds could support my gardening habit. At least, it could make it self-sustaining.

But I was thinking about this. I mean, what is it in me, a competitive drive? How IS it that I have always seen things and thought, hey, I could do that. That couldn’t be that hard. I could learn that. And, more importantly, I could do that BETTER. I don’t think it is a particularly admirable trait, but it certainly is one that is very much a part of who I am.

So I am looking at next year’s garden plan again. CAN I squeeze a couple more bushels of food out of it per week?

2 responses to “Hubris

  1. You CAN do things better, and this is just a fact, and is not hubris. I truly can attest to this for all the years I have known and treasured you. I am about to make a measely salad, and so remember your wonderful lettuces. I drooled at the photo of tomatoes. i think it would be fun for you and Tom to go into ‘produce’. I am fairly sure I am coming Wed. and plan to pick up my friend at school. I will talk to you Wed am.

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