Fear of commitment

I have huge issues regarding the veg garden’s new fence.

For one, I consider it a huge irony that the animals I am trying to keep away from its riches are DOMESTIC ONES. For the first year I had the thing, many people said, well, aren’t you going to fence it in? What about rabbits? Deer? Raccoons, badgers, groundhogs, squirrels, chipmunks? Well, I haven’t had a visitor that hasn’t been a biped. Seriously. Chickens and people have only two feet.

Secondly, I dunno. I liked the limitlessness of that fence-less garden. OH give me a home where the buffalo roam and all that. The garden is a square, with raised beds arranged around a central area (can’t help it but I am an architect so it must be wacky like that) with spokes radiating from it. It’s a form that suggests no limits.

But I guess I am glad I chose deer fencing. Except for the supports (fenceposts), it is invisible from 40′ away. The reason you can see it so well in the photo is because it is covered with dew.

But commitment? I literally threw it up in 2 hours one day. It needs another 5 to be really secure, functional, long-standing. I even had a hard time on Monday simply fastening the fencing to the posts. It was a matter of will, not ability. I even had those magical zip ties to aide me, but no. Commitment issues all around. I haven’t even made proper doors to the place yet.

But hey, the chickens are out.

One response to “Fear of commitment

  1. Well hello Architect of SW Michigan from the CAD-walla of SE Michigan!

    How’re doing?

    I too have a fence to keep out the kids – mine’s chickenwire, mostly because we didn’t see any other kind of fencing the day we looked.

    We’re still working on our gate, too.

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