It’s not dark, it’s blue

Bonnie, Beatrice, Maude, Margie and Phyllis scratching around the new coop

I was just informed by my daughter (who’ll be 2 1/2 years old, i.e., 30 months for those doing higher math, on Tuesday) that indeed, it was not dark YET, it was simply blue. I guess I see her point. Another lovely day here on the farm. Tom and I got lots done on the coop. Considering the girls are all days apart from each other in hatching order, we assume we’ll get eggs out of them all soon, too. We retrieved another out of the ramshackle nest in their temporary coop, thank you Beatrice (I misattributed Egg #1 on the farm to Bonnie; it really was old Bea, who laid the second as well). We put Margie in the coop for a while, as I had found her in the garage (another bldg. entirely) atop the workbench, pecking at the rechargable battery indicator…I can only assume she was looking for a quiet place to be. She sat in the nest a while, but didn’t lay anything. No pressure, Margie. Do whatever you can, when you can.

One response to “It’s not dark, it’s blue

  1. Of course she is so very smart she is into shades of color. I do hope you sing Blue Skies to her.

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